Whats New in Version 10

  • DOC RATE IN SPECIAL STOCK LEDGER : In Version 10 and onwards we have added one new field in this report. Now in Special Stock Ledger system will display Document Rate and Cost Rate both in Special Stock Ledger. We can understand this option with this example. Suppose you Sale Product 001 to Customer 001 @ RS 400/- which Cost Price is Rs 300/-. Now in Doc Rate SWASTIK will display RS 400/- and in Cost Rate Rs 300/-. This report will be very useful to analysis Bill wise Realisation, Cost of Sales and Profitability.
  •  PURCHASE ANALYSIS IN DIFFERENT UNIT : We are committed to make our report more and more analytical and completely multi unit system. In the line of this commitment we have provided this facility in all purchase analysis report where product is included. Now user can generate purchase analysis report in different unit if unit conversion is defined with Stock Unit. Suppose your stock Unit is Pcs and you want to take your Purchase Analysis reports in Kgs. You have already defined 1 Pc = .500 kg in Product master / Unit Conversion. Then now you can take your Purchase Analysis in Kgs. also.
  • PRODUCT LIST WITH CLOSING STOCK AT THE TIME OF ANY ENTRY : We have incorporated this new feature in this version. Now in any entry if you press F4 then system will display complete Product List with Closing Stock, Product Group & Sub Group  Sales Price, Purchase Price and UOM. User can find and search a product in this list.
  • CASH BANK VOUCHER ENTRY – LOCAL CURRENCY AMOUNT DISPLAY : Now in Cash Bank Voucher Entry we have added a new field – Local Currency Amount. If you are entering  your voucher in foreign currency then in footer system will display foreign currency Local Amount also.
  • JOURNAL VOUCHER,, DEBIT AND CREDIT NOTE ENTRY LOCAL CURRENCY AMOUNT DISPLAY : Same like Cash Bank Voucher Entry – We have added facility in Journal Voucher Entry, Debit Note Entry and Credit Note Entry point also. If these Vouchers are in foreign Currency then system will display Local Currency Amount in footer part.
  • CASH BOOK REPORT COMBINED SALES OPTION – DISPLAY COMBINED VALUE WITH LEDGER DISPLAY : Previously if user click on Combined Sales in Cash Book Report, then system was displaying report with Narration “Day Cash Sales”, but now system will display Day Cash Sales with Relevant Ledger Name.
  • STOCK ANALYSIS SPECIAL REPORTS – This is one new report we have added in this version especially for Trading Account. In this report system will display stock with Free Quantity, Expiry Breakage Quantity, Sales Quantity with Sales Value and Net Closing Stock with Value. This Report is available under Inventory / MIS Reports.
  • DISPATCH DETAILS AGAINST SALES ORDER EVEN IF NO ORDER IS PENDING – In Outstanding Order Report, if user take with details option then now system will display the order which is already completely shipped. In this condition SWASTIK will display dispatch details (Invoice/Challan Number, Invoice/Challan Date) against that order.
  • DISPATCH DETAILS AGAINST PURCHASE ORDER EVEN IF NO ORDER IS PENDING : Like Sales Order Outstanding Report with Details, we have given the same facility in Purchase Order Outstanding Report with Details. Now if you take Purchase order outstanding report with details, then SWASTIK will display the complete dispatch / shipment details against each order even if there is no quantity is pending against that order.
  • PRODUCT WISE TERM TOTAL DISPLAY IN BILL WISE TERMS IN SALES : In Version 10 we have added one another new facility. Now in all Sales Entry Point (Order / Challan / Invoice / Return / Expiry Breakage Return) there will be a option Display Total Product Wise Term in Bill Wise Billing Terms. If user check this option then SWASTIK will display Product Basic + Total of all Individual of Product wise Terms.
We can understand this with following example

Suppose there are two product wise Terms

1.  Excise Duty
2.   Discount

Now you do bill as per following

 Product  Quantity  Rate  B. Amount  Excise Duty  Discount  Total
 Product 0001  100 Pcs  20.00  2000.00  200.00  -50.00  2150.00
 Product 0002  120 Pcs  10.00  1200.00  100.00  -20.00  1280.00
 TOTAL  3200.00  300.00  -70.00  =SUM(ABOVE) 3430.00

Now the total of this B. Amount (3200.00), Excise Duty (300.00) and Discount(70.00) can be viewed in Sales Bill wise Terms.

  • PRODUCT WISE TERM TOTAL DISPLAY IN BILL WISE TERMS IN PURCHASE: Just like Sales Bill Term we have added this facility in Purchase also. User can view total of Product Basic Amount and total of all individual Product wise terms in Sales Bill Terms also.
  • CLASS TO CLASS TRANSFER IN GODOWN TRANSFER ENTRY : As per our client recommendation we have added this facility in our new version. Now User can select Two Document Class in One Transaction. One for Stock In (Godown In) and another for Stock Out (Godown Out). This system will be very much useful where branch to branch stock transfer system of division to division transfer system is required.
  • SALES REGISTER – SPECIAL SALES REGISTER – BILL WISE TERMS DISPLAY IN HEADER PARTS : This is one new report we have added in our new version 10. Now in Sales Register – Date Wise we have added new option – Special. If use check this option, then all bill wise terms will come in upper part, that will reduce paper space a lot. Report will be more attractive.
  • CUSTOMER OUTSTANDING REPORT – SUB GROUP WISE : Ar/Ap – Outstanding Report – Customer We have added this new option. Now user can take Customer Outstanding Report with Customer Sub Group Wise also.
  • CUSTOMER AGEING REPORT – SUB GROUP WISE : AR /AP – Ageing Report / Customer – We have added one another new option – Sub Group Wise. Now user can take Customer Ageing Report – Customer Sub Group Wise also
  • PRICE HISTORY REPORT WITH PRODUCT WISE TERMS DISPLAY AND FREE QUANTITY (Bonus Information) : As per our Customer Requirement we have added two new option in Price History Reports –
1. Bonus Information : If user check this option then system will display Free Quantity also in this report
which is given in Sales Invoice
2.  Product Wise Terms Display : If user check this option then system will display all the product wise
terms also in this report.
  • GODOWN WISE STOCK STATUS REPORT WITH FREE QUANTITY : Now Godown Wise Stock Status Report is available with Including Free Quantity Option also. This report is available under Inventory / Godown Inventory / Stock Status.
  • GODOWN WISE STOCK STATUS REPORT WITH UNIT CHANGING FACILITY :  In godown wise Stock Status report use can take this report in different unit also, if unit conversion is defined for that product. This report is available under Inventory / Godown Inventory / Stock Status.

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