Swastik Business Accounting Software

Swastik Business Accounting Overview
Hitech Business Accounting Software is a highly automated system for Invoicing, Inventory Control and Accounting with Detailed Business performance Analysis. This Program has been developed keeping in mind the common and essential requirements of Manufacturing, Importers, Distributors, Traders, Retailers, Service Providers and all other types of Businesses. Swastik is the only software that offers a truly Integrated Solutions for the Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts receivable, Vat Accounting and MIS Reporting for today’s dynamic Business and Technological environment with Simplicity, Flexibility, Security and Reliability.

The most recent & upgradeable technology, unique and exciting features, the most user friendly entry system, easy to understand reports, complete Vat accounting solutions, revolutionary inventory management, strict adherence to Accounting Principles, in depth sales & marketing analysis, L/C & import costing management as well as personalized support system places this software miles ahead of any other software available in the market today.

Survey on hundreds of business units and personal interaction with Traders, Manufacturers & Professionals has made our Software one of the most comprehensive Accounting Solution which covers the widest spectrum of business needs. Continuous implementation of customers’ recommendations and strong backup provided by a dedicated team of Software & Accounting Professionals has helped make this software a truly world class solution.

Dynamic Features

  • Complete Windows Accounting & Inventory Management Software
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Marketing Analysis.
  • Sales / Purchase Order Processing System
  • Purchase / Import Costing System.
  • Additional Expenses adding facility on a Purchase.
  • Manufacturing Accounting with Bill of Material
  • Assembly Management
  • Multi Location Inventory System
  • Document Designer to Design all the source vouchers.
  • All Reports in Excel (Spread Sheet) Format
  • Report Export to MS-Word, MS-Excel and other formats.
  • Find Option / Column hiding facility in Report

Swastik Editions

  • Swastik Standard– Suitable for Small & Medium Size Trading Business
  • Swastik Gold – Suitable all types Trading Houses & Industries
  • Swastik Corporate – An ERP Solution . . . Suitable for Corporate Houses and Medium & Large Scale Industries
  • Swastik Textiles – An ERP Solutions . . . Suitable for Textiles & Fabric Industries. This is Complete Production, Inventory, Planning & Accounting Solutions for all type of Textile & Fabric Industries
  • Swastik PolySax – An ERP Solution for poly Sacks & Fabric Industries. It Contains a complete Production, Inventory & Accounting Solution
  • Swastik POS – Specialized Software for Point Of Sales
  • Swastik F&B – Suitable for All types of Restaurants
  • Swastik Manufacturing – Specialized Production and Costing System for Flour, Rice, Oil, Printing and Other Industries
  • Swastik Automobile – Suitable for Automobile Company and Workshop
Swastik Editions

Power & Simplicity

  • Easy to Use- Your Non Accounts Staff can also operate
  • Completely Codeless Software with Short Name Option
  • Complete Daybook Entry from a Single Voucher
  • User Friendly – Equipped with both Keyboard and Mouse navigation
  • Zoom in (Drill Down) from almost all the Reports to Source Voucher
  • Microsoft SQL 2000 Back End for Data Security & Reliability
  • Fully Menu Driven, Windows Popup Menu.
  • Multiple Company Facility
  • Unlimited Accounting period defining facility.
  • Auto Year Ending system to carry data into next year
  • Free Upgrade and Update under Warranty / AMC period.
  • Both Single and Network Versions Available


  • Flexible and Unlimited Document Numbering for all Vouchers
  • Multi Segment Document Class for Multi-Level Organizational reporting
  • Flexible User Definable Field (UDF) for all Entry Modules
  • Flexible User Definable Field (UDF) for Ledger / Product Master
  • Flexible Schedule for Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet
  • Document Designer – Design your Sales Bill and other documents.
  • User Definable Product Wise / Bill Wise Sales and Purchase Bill Terms
  • Billing Term Calculation on Value / Quantity
  • User Definable Menu as per user
  • User Definable Font Name & Size setting for Printing
  • Entry Field Enabling & Mandatory option for every Entry module
  • Complete Accounting in English / Nepali Date

Sales & Purchase

  • Sales / Purchase Order, Challan , Invoice, Additional Invoice, Return and Expiry Breakage Return
  • Flexible Billing Terms, Both on Product and Bill Wise.
  • All Sales / Purchase Register on Area / Agent / Product, Product Group, Sub Group and Customer / Vendor Wise
  • Sales / Purchase Order Outstanding Report
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis on Agent, Area, Product, Product Group and Sub Group Wise
  • Monthly / Daily Sales / Purchase Comparison Report
  • Sales Comparison Report on Area, Agent , Customer, Product and Product Group Wise
  • Sales Summary Report on various Combinations.
  • Top Customer, Top Product and Customer Analysis Report
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis Report in any unit with Free Quantity.
  • Sales / Purchase Price History Report

Air Tight Security

  • MS SQL Database for high level of Data Security & Reliability
  • Unlimited Level of Security Rights Defining for Users
  • User wise, Entry Module wise Voucher Addition, Modification and Delete option can be defined
  • User wise Menu Defining
  • User Wise Company Rights System
  • Voucher Lock and Unlock system
  • Database can be Password Protected
  • Auto Backup Option to the desired Path
  • Powerful Fraud Detection System
  • Data Copy / Backup / Modification can be protected

Financial Accounting

  • Cash / Bank Voucher, Journal, Credit Note and Debit Note Entry
  • Cash Book, Bank Book, Cash Bank Checklist, Bank Reconciliation
  • Final Accounts – Both in T and Horizontal formats
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet on Date of Date basis.
  • Interest Calculations, Both on Balance and Document wise.
  • Cash Flow, Net Position of Fund and Sub-ledger Analysis
  • Ledger Report – Account Group Wise, Sub Group Wise and Sub Ledger wise
  • Ledger / Sub-ledger wise Analysis System.
  • Multi Company Merged Ledger, Trial Balance, PL and BS
  • Document Printing

Manufacturing Inventory

  • Bill of Material System to define Raw material details for Finished Goods
  • Finished Goods Receipt and Return
  • Inventory Issue on the basis of BOM
  • Cost Centre wise Inventory Issue.
  • Assembly Management System at the Time of Sales / Purchase
  • Auto Inventory Issue on the basis of BOM
  • Auto Production Voucher on the basis of Sales.
  • Cost Centre wise Inventory Consumption Report
  • Production / Consumption Report on the basis of Cost Centre, Product, Product Group and Sub Group Wise.
  • Cost Centre Ledger Report.

Accounts Receivable & Payable

  • All Customer / Vendor Report on the basis of Area, Agent, Account Group and Sub Group Wise
  • Customer / Vendor Ledger with Product, Adjustment, Credit Note details
  • Party Ledger in Multiple Currencies.
  • Customer / Vendor Outstanding Report with Credit Limit, Over Limit, Credit Days Over Days
  • Customer / Vendor Ageing with Fixed and Variant Slab option
  • Customer / Vendor Reconciliation System
  • Customer / Vendor – Receipt / Payment Register
  • Customer / Vendor – Debit / Credit note Register
  • Customer Analysis Report.

MIS Reports

  • Cash Flow / Net Position of Funds
  • Product wise / Customer Wise Gross Profitability.
  • Monthly / Daily- Sales / Purchase Comparison Reports
  • Monthly Ledger Analysis Report.
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis reports
  • Profit & Loss / Balance sheet on Date to Date basis.
  • Multi Company Merged Ledger, PL and Balance Sheet
  • Cost Centre wise Consumption Analysis.

Flexible Billing System

  • Document Designer with Font, Size and Image
  • Flexible Tax Group Defining and Billing
  • Tax / Retail Invoicing System
  • Inclusive / Exclusive Tax Billing system.
  • Flexible Billing Terms – Product / Bill Wise
  • Billing Terms Calculation on Quantity / Bill
  • Predefined Invoice Design.

Document Printing

  • Cash, Journal, Debit and Credit Note
  • Sales Order, Challan, Invoice, Return & Expiry/Breakage Return
  • Purchase Order, GRN, Invoice, Additional Invoice, Return, Expiry/Breakage Return
  • Stock Adjustment, Godown Transfer and Expiry Breakage Transfer
  • Inventory Issue, Return, Finished Goods Receipt and Return Cash, Journal, Debit and Credit Note
  • Sales Order, Challan, Invoice, Return & Expiry/Breakage Return
  • Purchase Order, GRN, Invoice, Additional Invoice, Return, Expiry/Breakage Return
  • Stock Adjustment, Godown Transfer and Expiry Breakage Transfer
  • Inventory Issue, Return, Finished Goods Receipt and Return

Vat/Tax Reports

  • Flexible Tax Group defining and Tagging in Product
  • Vat Calculation on MRP, Inclusive and Exclusive
  • Sales / Purchase Vat Register
  • Credit / Debit Note Register
  • Sales / Purchase Vat Register – Rate Wise Summary
  • Vat Computation Report
  • Sales / Purchase Tax Summary
  • Vat Summary Report
  • RT1, RT XI and DIX reports



House Keep

  • Data Backup
  • Data Restore
  • Data Export to desired path (Date wise)
  • Data Import from Another Company / desired path (Date wise)
  • Document Renumbering for all Entry Modules
  • Missing Number Report – for all Entry Modules
  • Delete Stale Master – for delete unused Masters
  • Auditors Lock & Unlock System
  • Entry Log Register – User Wise / Voucher Date Wise / Action Date Wise
  • Audit Trial Reports for Modification and Delete Log
  • Year Ending
  • Combo Item Utility
  • Auto Inventory Issue on the Basis of FG Receipt

Batch wise Inventory

  • Batch System with Mfg Date / Expiry Date
  • Batch wise Inventory Report / Batch Query Report
  • Free Goods / Bonus Defining for Product / Free Goods Report
  • Auto Serial No Generation system in Product.
  • Near Expiry Report










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