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Web is a universal medium for information propagation in this information driven society. Today web plays essential role in every aspect of business. Weather you are trading, service oriented or manufacturing company, web is there to broadcast your shout to the mass globally. It is so effective medium for marketing that within few years of its inception more than hundred million web site exist today on the internet cloud. Virtually most of the business today has its own web site.

At HiTech Solutions & Services we consider the prospective of web presence of our client. We strive to build next generation business solutions utilizing internet as business platform for today’s business.
The best way to harness the power of this modern facility from your organization is to have presence on it. This can be achieved by having your own web site for your organization.

HiTech Solution provides powerful and artistic web presence for business with any budget. HiTech Solution can transform any existing web presence to improve online market share, public image and resource effectiveness.

We use the latest in multimedia design to create an interactive experience that integrates the site’s business function with an artistic handiness and technical mastery that, when combined with appropriate online marketing will ensure return visits to your piece of the web.

HiTech Solution has the skills and the tools to produce web sites that success and give customers the information they need and want.

  • Consultation
    We provide consultation service to our client for web application development. Try to make clear to our client about the possible need for them. We work in close cooperation with clients to ensure the need to be fulfilled.
  • Web Design/Development 
    Specially equipped with technical knowledge, we design and develop web sites that are world class.
  • Web Programming
    Based on your business need we are able to develop highly effective web site using various web programming languages.
  • Database Integration
    Database is the integral part of any business which has adopted the modern business practices. Integration of your existing database with your web application facilitates you to do various things over the net such as view report online. At the same time entry through web makes it possible to work from wherever you are.
  • Web Hosting
    Our USA based high-end servers are not susceptible to any kind of failure. We do web hosting at very competitive price.
  • E-commerce solutions
    Make business grow better, making possible to expand scope. We provide various e-commerce solutions based on business demand.

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