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Swastik Business Accounting

Swastik Business Accounting

HiTech Business Accounting Software is a highly automated system for Invoicing, Inventory Control and accounting with detailed business performance analysis. It is the only software that offers a truly integrated solution for Financial Accounting, Inventory management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and MIS reporting for today’s dynamic business environment. The most recent & up gradable technology, unique and exciting features, the most user friendly entry system, easy to understand reports, strict adherence to Accounting Principles, complete Vat accounting solutions, revolutionary inventory management, in depth sales & marketing analysis as well as personalized support system places this software miles ahead of any other software available in the market. Survey on hundreds of business units and personal interaction with Traders, Manufacturers & Professionals has made our Software one of the most comprehensive Accounting Solution which covers the widest spectrum of business needs. Continuous implementation of customers’ recommendations and strong backup provided by a dedicated team of Software & Accounting Professionals has helped make this software a truly world class solution.


Swastik Restaurant ERP

Swastik Restaurant ERP

Ideal Solution for all types of Restaurant, Pub and Dining. Easy and Fast Solution from Single Screen point with Touch Management. Touch Enabled – desktop based Restaurant Management Software which is designed to provide the restaurants all the features and tools required for smooth order, Billing, Operation, Accounting and Management.




MySwastikOnline.com – HiTech Cloud Accounting Software is one of the most simplified, user-friendly and easy to use Book Keeping and Inventory Management Solution. You can easily collaborate with other Branches, Team Members, and customers from anywhere, on any device and at any time. Everything is possible with the new & improved MySwastikOnline.com.
MySwastikOnline.com uses the most advanced & leading-edge technology to create one of the best, reliable and user-friendly software. Swastik Business Accounting Software had started a revolution when it first launched. MySwastikOnline has taken that design and revved it up a notch to give you the best accounting solution in the market. We have one of the most innovative inventory management systems, in-depth sales & marketing analysis and complete VAT accounting solutions. We pride ourselves on having a team of skilled support staff that can provide you with the ideal solution for your all accounting needs. If required, we are ready to come to you at your doorstep, to provide you with more hands-on support.
By surveying hundreds of business units we have created software with one of the most comprehensive Accounting Solutions. We have enhanced our software to be better, more reliable and easy to use with the help of a dedicated team of Accounting & Software Professionals. Constant upgrades have helped make this software a truly world-class solution.


Gurukul School Management Software

Gurukul – HiTech School Management Software

Gurukul – Hitech School Management Software is a complete Software for Schools and Colleges. This software is an integrated management solution comprising of student Information Management, Examination Management, Marks Sheet Creation and Management, Library Management, Financial Accounting, Store / Inventory Management, Transport Management, Billing System along with complete School MIS Reports.

This Software provides a real time solution for all types schools and colleges to automize and computerize their operations.

During our market study, we found that there is dearth of a quality School Management Software which could cover all the parts of a school’s operations. Another important aspect regarding the available School Software is that either they are too expensive or the local support services are not available.

HiTech is committed to provide a complete School Management Solution along with the real time support at very reasonable price.


Pharma Soft A complete Pharmaceutical Accounting Software

Pharma Soft

The Complete Pharmaceutical Accounting Software is a highly automated system for Invoicing, Inventory Control, and Accounting with detailed Sales & Purchase Analysis. This Software is developed by HiTech Solutions & Services Pvt Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal keeping in mind the requirement of Nepalese Pharmaceutical Business Accounting Environment. The program has powerful features to take care of all requirements of Pharmaceuticals Dealer, Distributors, Retailers, and CNF agents, Medicine Industry and serves as a complete Management Information system (MIS).


IMS – HiTech Integrated Management Solution

IMS – HiTech ERP

Hitech ERP – Hitech Integrated Management Solution IMS is a complete ERP solution for medium to large sized business. This solution seek to streamline and integrate operation processes and information flows in the company to synchronize the resources of an organization namely men, material, money and machine.



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