Gurukul – HiTech School Management Software

Swastik Hitech School Management Software
Gurukul – Hitech School Management Software is a complete Software for Schools and Colleges. This software is an integrated management solution complrising of student Information Management, Examination Management, Marks Sheet Creation and Management, Librabry Management, Financial Accounting, Store / Inventory Management, Transport Management, Billing System along with complete School MIS Reports.

This Software provides a real time solution for all types schools and colleges to automize and computerize their operations.

During our market study, we found that there is dearth of a quality School Management Software which could cover all the parts of a school’s operations. Another important aspect regarding the available School Softwares is that either they are too expensive or the local support services are not available.

HiTech is committed to provide a compleet School Management Solution along with the real time support at very reasonable price.

Gurukul – Main Features List

  • Complete windows based School Management, Accounting and Inventory Management Software
  • All modules are tightly integrated with Accounting
  • MS – SQL 2000 Database for high level of data security and reliability
  • Real time technology, online modifications / deletions
  • Zoom in from reports to source document in no time
  • Online posting (No duplicate entry required) – A single entry will update all the reports.
  • User master with unlimited security rights grouping
  • User definable security rights for users
  • Report export facility to MS-Word, MS-Excel or HTML formats
  • Report can be printed / exported directly from report preview
  • Free upgrade and update under AMC / Warranty period
  • Both single user and network versions available
  • All reports in easy to understand Excel (Spread Sheet) look

Student Information System

Student information is one of the most important parts of any School Management Software, so we have tried to make it the most informative and flexible. Class, Academic Year, Subjects, Section, Class Period, Extra Activity Masters can be created. User can create as many classes, subjects, sections or any other master. Subjects can be mapped class wise where user can define theory, practical and optional option for each subject. This information will carry for every individual student where it can be mapped again student wise – class wise – subject wise.

All the student entry will be possible through admission form entry. All the information including student picture, address, past school, examination, date of birth, etc. can be entered. Only after registration (Admission Entry) student will be accepted for further transactions.

Examination / Mark Sheet Management

This is another very important module of Gurukul. This module enables complete automation of examination and mark sheet management.
Examination management includes creation of customized examination system, exam scheduler and exam attendance, whereas mark sheet management system includes student wise / subject wise marks entry and mark sheet printing.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is an integral part of Gurukul – HiTech School Management Software.

Complete cash book, journal book, sales management, purchase management, final accounts like trial balance, profit & loss and balance sheet can be generated at any time and for any period.

This software provides a lot of analysis tools for your accounting needs like cash flow, net position of funds, date wise profit & loss, monthly income and expenditure analysis, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Student Billing System

In Gurukul, we have developed a student billing system that is totally hassle free.

A whole month’s students’ bill can be generated in a few minutes. The bills generated are simultaneously updated in student ledgers, fee ledgers and all the accounts receivable and financial accounting reports. Moreover, users can print the invoices in the desired format.

The most important aspect of the student billing system is that the user does not have to enter / generate bills separately for every individual student. A template system is available, where the user can create fee item. On the basis of fee item, fee structure – class wise, batch wise, student wise (Optional) can be created. Once a template for a particular class and its students has been created, then this template can be used for the billing of all the students of this entire class every month or even for multiple months. If in case, the school decides a different fee structure for a particular student, then another template can be created for that particular student only or direct billing for any individual student is also possible in this software.

Library Management

This is another important module which is available in Gurukul Gold version only.

We have made this module flexible to the maximum extent so that the books can be recorded author wise, publication wise, title wise, subject wise, ISBN number wise and under any other criteria as the user wishes.

Books / CD / Magazines can be received from store / party. Library Members can be created and Library Cards can be issued to them. books / cd / magazines can be issued to library members.

Over due status is displayed at books return entry point and various types of books inventory status reports can be generated from this software.

Store Inventory Management

This is another very important module which is available in Gurukul Gold version only. As soon as a purchase entry is made, all the inventory reports starting from inventory ledger to stock valuation will be updated automatically. It will update the accounts payable reports also. All the Inventory can be maintained in multiple units, valuation can be defined in FIFO / Weighted Average basis, Product wise. Purchase account and customized billing and costing terms can be defined.

Minimum, Maximum and Re-order level can be defined for every individual product. Inventory can be issued to different departments like administration, kitchen, library, class room or cleaning, therefore department wise consumption reports can be generated accordingly in this software.




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